www.allseasonsfitnessmedia.com`s CHARITY FITNESS TOUR, rolled to THE 2024 @pancan Walk 5k supporting TEAM Little House, with @dionjackson leading the warmup, Saturday, April 27, 2024 at The Santa Monica Pier!
“In 1991, beloved ‘Little House on the Prairie’ actor, Michael Landon, passed away from #pancreaticcancer. He was one of the very first public figures to announce his diagnosis, creating much-needed public awareness about the disease. ????
To honor the 50th anniversary of the show and Michael’s memory, his castmates and family — including Dean Butler, Leslie Landon Matthews, Mike Landon Jr. and Shawna Landon— created Team Little House for #PanCANPurpleStride! They set the ambitious goal to raise $50,000 to advance progress for this deadly disease.
Dean Butler says, “Even after all these years, Michael Landon will always be an inspiration to me. As we mark the show’s 50th anniversary, Michael’s presence is deeply missed, but his legacy lives on. I hope fans who cherish the show and admire Michael will join me in supporting PanCAN.
You can visit Team Little House’s page at http://purplestride.org/TeamLittleHouse and register for the event near you at purplestride.org

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