“Looking good is about flavor. Flavor is your attitude, your confidence level,” declares actress Nia Long, 26. And no one ever accused the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress of lacking spice. Epitomizing a new, funky kind of vamp, Long says, “Sexy is a frame of mind”. Her trainer, Dion Jackson, calls her “an animal”. “Sometimes I`ll show a little skin”, says the buff Long.

“Just wait until you see Jim Carrey — almost all of Jim Carrey on the cover of Rolling Stone. The box-office king of Comedy is posed like the little girl in the famous Coppertone ad: a dog pulling down his swimsuit, revealing his pale backside. Very cute. And Jim has a better physique than his funnyman persona might lead one to suspect. Yes, you can be the `90`s heir to the Jerry Lewis mantle of movie imbecility and also display a buff bod!”

“Dion makes exercise fun and can help you reach your fitness goal. The sessions are one on one and take place in a private gym. As an extra bonus, each session ends with a fantastic mini-massage that (almost) helps you forget the pain of the intense workout. If you`re tired of your same old workout, and need a boost to get you to the next level, Dion is the trainer for you!”

“When Hollywood celebrities (we’re talking Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Fisher, Dustin Hoffman) need to shape up, they turn to personal trainer Dion Jackson. His motivational strategies can help anybody (Celebrity or not!) stick with exercising.”

“There`s no stopping me now, thanks to you.”

“In L.A., the hottest personal trainers are like the coolest bars. Discreet. Word-of-mouth. Old-school meets new-school. And very good looking. Dion Jackson`s retro-modern workouts have trimmed everyone from Rob Lowe to J-Lo. His appeal is fabulously anti-fabulous. No butt-busting gizmos, no stupid shortcuts. No wellness mumbo-jumbo. Just cardio, crunches, dumbbells, and boxing gloves (with a side of heavy sweating). Which is to say that Jackson`s cocoon-y gym may be located near Crunch, but psychologically it`s worlds away.”

“The WGT: World`s Greatest Trainer. Thanks for the pain. Look out Arnold!”

“And last but not least was the physical fitness and personal trainer of Dr. Betty Price, Dion Jackson. Dion lead a mild but exhilarating aerobic workout after explaining the importance of a proper and frequent exercise program and instructing everyone to seek advice from their personal physician prior to undertaking any exercise program.”