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Mega-Celebrity Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and CEO Charity Fitness Tour

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For over 40 years, Mega-Celebrity Trainer Dion Jackson, has trained some of the TOP celebrities of our generation. Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Al Pacino, Rob Lowe, Aaliyah, Richard Pryor, Dustin Hoffman, Raquel Welch, Belinda Carlisle, and Johnny Gill just to name a few. Now, Dion has formed a small Health, Fitness, Travel, and Entertainment company, All Seasons Fitness Media. It`s CHARITY FITNESS TOUR, supports over 40 Charitable Foundation Events a year. Join Us! 


Charity Fitness  Tour

Join our Charity Fitness Tour as we Walk, Spin, Hike, Run, Bike, and swim for over 40 Charitable Foundations each year

Past Charity Fitness Tour events 

Take a look at the emotions of the people, family members, caregivers and friends, as they rise up and finish their events with faith, energy, and courage.

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“Looking good is about flavor. Flavor is your attitude, your confidence level,” declares actress Nia Long, 26. And no one ever accused the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress of lacking spice. Epitomizing a new, funky kind of vamp, Long says, “Sexy is a frame of mind”. Her trainer, Dion Jackson, calls her “an animal”. “Sometimes I`ll show a little skin”, says the buff Long.