Over the years, Dion Jackson has grown to become the Pied Piper of fitness and charity events. Dion not only draws a crowd, he attracts a stable of talent that creates a total experience at these events. All Seasons Fitness Media (ASFM) is Dion’s team of professionals who work to make every event a success. ASFM builds a vision, and then oversees all creative and logistical aspects of the event. ASFM’s proficiencies in event photography/video content and social media promotions are unparalleled. ASFM coordinates with all of the vendors involved to create a uniform look, raise money / increase revenue, and promote the event and related initiatives. Building relationships is what ASFM does.
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During her terms in office, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse has welcomed the public to join her on weekly “Walk and Talks” every Monday.

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Dion was the driving force behind the Hollywood chapter of Michelle Obama’s initiative to raise a healthier generation of kids.

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