Great seeing the inspirational 2 X Mayor of Beverly Hills  Lili Bosse and her ENERGETIC #BHHealthyCity familia, Rodeo Drive President  Kathy Gohari, and City Manager Huma Ahmed and Congratulations to Beverly Hills Chamber CEO & President Todd Johnson, and his SUPER talented Chamber staff on an incredible job at  The 2019 Beverly Hills Chamber Summer Garden Party and Installation! Lots of smiles, laughs, good food and drinks, and entertainment!

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Written by Dion Jackson

Dion Jackson is a Mega-Celebrity Private Trainer & Group Trainer in Hollywood, and Beverly Hills area. He`s trained the likes of Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Pamela Anderson, Aaliyah, Carrie Fisher, Sean Lennon, Rob Lowe, Robert Evans etc etc

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