The WGT: World`s Greatest Trainer. Thanks for the pain. Look out Arnold!

Rob Lowe November 25, 2015

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YM: Do you do anything to stay in shape?
Aaliyah: It’s funny, before my first tour in 1994, I really didn`t think I needed to do anything more than I was already doing. I`ve always been pretty active–skating, swimming, dancing, whatever–and I’ve always eaten pretty well. So I thought that was enough. But I knew that I could have even more energy on-stage. So about a month before I went on tour last August, I got with this trainer Dion Jackson in Los Angeles, and we started working out 5 days a week. We did a total-body workout with weights every other day, and a hour of Cardio stuff, like the treadmill, bike, and Stairmaster. And Dion gave me the magic plan: One day a week, I can eat whatever I want.

Aaliyah YM Magazine November 25, 2015

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You are truly the best!

Aaliyah November 25, 2015

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In L.A., the hottest personal trainers are like the coolest bars.

Discreet. Word-of-mouth. Old-school meets new-school. And very good looking.

Dion Jackson`s retro-modern workouts have trimmed everyone from Rob Lowe to J-Lo. His appeal is fabulously anti-fabulous. No butt-busting gizmos, no stupid shortcuts. No wellness mumbo-jumbo. Just cardio, crunches, dumbbells, and boxing gloves (with a side of heavy sweating). Which is to say that Jackson`s cocoon-y gym may be located near Crunch, but psychologically it`s worlds away.

Daily Candy November 25, 2015

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And last but not least was the physical fitness and personal trainer of Dr. Betty Price, Dion Jackson. Dion lead a mild but exhilarating aerobic workout after explaining the importance of a proper and frequent exercise program and instructing everyone to seek advice from their personal physician prior to undertaking any exercise program.

Sandra Hunter and Arleatha Haskin (CCCWF) FaithDome November 25, 2015