For over 30 years, Dion Jackson has been training top names in the entertainment industry, including such luminaries as Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Aaliyah, Pam Anderson, Sean Lennon, Raquel Welch, Barry Levinson, Richard Pryor, Rob Lowe, Nia Long, Carrie Fisher, Alicia Silverstone, Robert Evans, Peter Thiel, Belinda Carlisle, Johnny Gill, Peter Bogdanovich, Harvey Keitel, Lorraine Bracco, Vince Neil, Miki Howard, and Cherrelle. Dion also teaches group classes at LA Fitness Hollywood and Universal City locations. Dion contributes a great amount of his time to important community causes such as Let's Move Hollywood, Beverly Hills Walk with the Mayor, and countless others.

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Wish there were some magic glue to make your fitness resolution stick? You don`t need glue; you need a plan that shapes up your mind-set just as much as it sculpts your muscles. Think of it as the meeting of inspiration and perspiration. “Motivation is like a muscle, and it needs regular exercise to stay strong,” says Dion Jackson, the LA. trainer who designed this mind and body jump-start to get you going. While his success strategies go to work on your brain, his combination of cardio, toners, strengtheners, do double time on your body, giving you results within a week — your clothes will feel looser, your muscles sleeker, your posture more poised just 6 days into the program! These quick results, are more than enough to keep you hooked and keep you motivated long term. (Not to mention the other carrots: once a week, a day off and the go-ahead to eat anything you like!) So here`s the workout—no glue required!

Marlien Rentmeester SELF Magazine November 25, 2015